Sustainable agriculture and Livelihood

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    Sustainable agriculture and Livelihood

    For communities living in extreme poverty, struggle to ensure that their families have enough to eat, get adequate health care and education for their kids. Communities do not depend on agriculture alone to survive, but a diversified livelihood strategies and means. Rural agriculture is facing numerous bottlenecks, mostly related to financing, capacities, lack of access to productive inputs, post-harvest management such storage and technologies. Without leaving an increasingly pressure of climate change such as rising temperatures, sea levels, changes in rainfall patterns (drought and floods), ocean acidification and intense extreme weather events are all negatively affecting the state of food security and peoples’ livelihood.

    Designing programs to raise communities incomes and improve their livelihoods holds the key to building sustainable food systems, advancing food security and sustained communities. Our livelihood programs aim to build community capacities for income generating activities diversifications, assets creation and rehabilitation and strengthen or create sustainable food value chains (Farm to folk and grass to glass alliances) though community involvement to ensure that community members can earn a sustainable living, helping them to learn new skills, improve the productivity and nutritional values and more jobs have been created.